Bespoke Pricing & Payments


At Bespoke, unlike many cleaning companies, we don’t work on ‘fixed pricing’. Fixed pricing can be great, because you know exactly what you’ll be paying, and if you’re okay with the cost, that’s great. But it also means you could be paying for work that’s not undertaken.

Bespoke Service means Bespoke Pricing

When considering our pricing structure we came to a stark realisation. When you pay a fixed price, you are likely to be overpaying heavily, because the business has to cover their costs in the worse-case scenario. Take a look at the quotation example on this page to see how we measure up.

The non-Bespoke way:

A company is quoting you for a gutter clean. You have a semi-detached, 3 bedroom home with 20 metres of gutter, and they charge £4 per meter. They will charge you £80. They complete the clean, and are on their way. What they haven’t told you is, that clean should have been as little as £30, as only 8 meters of your guttering actually needed clearing out, and the rest was barely touched. You’ve just overpaid by £50, and you wouldn’t even know it, because you can’t necessarily see the amount of your gutters that needs cleaning. We find this dishonest, and unfair.

The Bespoke way:

We discuss your requirements via your preferred method (in-person, telephone or email). If in person, we use our long-reach, high-definition camera to inspect your gutters. We analyse the clearing and cleaning that needs to be completed. We then quote you based on what we’ve found. If a section of gutter is heavily blocked, some sections partially blocked, and others completely clear, we will only charge you for those areas that we expect to clean. This means you aren’t paying for work that we haven’t completed. We believe that honest, fair business practices are better for the customer, and better for business. 


Once we have completed the agreed work, we will give you time to inspect it. If you’re home, we’ll invite you to look at the work we’ve completed, and ensure you are happy. If you’re not home, we’ll take photographs of the work, and send these to you, so that you can see the difference.

We will then send an invoice to the details we have registered for you. If you are not able to receive an electronic invoice, we are happy to call you to arrange payment over the phone, or send you a paper invoice, so that you can pay by bank transfer.

We offer three options for payment:

Pay us directly by Bank Transfer – we will provide you with our business banking details, and you just have to send the money over. This means that the money transfer is being handled securely by your reputable banking organisation. This is our preferred method of payment.

Pay us by debit/credit card from your invoice – within the electronic invoice we send you, you will see a ‘pay now’ button. Upon pressing this, you will be redirected to our secure payment processor ‘Stripe’. Stripe is trusted by millions of businesses around the world, and is the most widely used payment processor. This means that you’re in safe hands.

Pay us by debit/credit card in person or online – we are able to take payment by debit/credit card in person. We accept chip and pin, contactless (up to £45) and mag-stripe cards. You can also pay online by pressing the ‘Pay with Square‘ button to the right, and being redirected to our Square payment page.


Debit/Credit Card

Bank Transfer

Direct Debit

Please note: we do not accept cash payment unless your circumstances mean that there is no other method by which you can pay. We are happy to discuss this with you.

We encourage you to pay via bank transfer to our business bank account. We will provide these details in your invoice.

If preferred, you can pay securely via Square (debit/credit card) by pressing ‘Pay Now’ at the top of your invoice. A popup will appear, on which the ‘pay now’ button will redirect you to our Square portal to complete payment.

You may also pay via GoCardless, which can simplify the payment process. You will be asked to enter your bank details, in order to set up a direct debit instruction, so that we can automatically take payment after each clean is completed to your satisfaction. You will always be given a minimum of 3 days notice before any payments are taken. 

We request that all invoices are paid within 7 days of receipt. 

We will send reminders on day 1, 7, 14, and 21 if the invoice is overdue. If you are experiencing difficulties, and would like more time to pay, please contact us by email or telephone, to discuss your needs, so that we may offer assistance.

If you have agreed to pay by direct debit, we will request a payment through GoCardless on the date we provide services. You will be given notice of this request, with a minimum of 3 days before payment is taken. If you would like to delay payment, or discuss the work completed before payment is taken (for instance, taking advantage of our ‘Bespoke Guarantee’, as you’ve found something we missed), please get in contact with us so that we can assist.

Rest assured, we value our customers privacy and safety above all else. If you’d like to read our Privacy Policy, please visit:

allow us to call to discuss your needs