Window Cleaning in Bicester

Whether wanting to focus on the views, or have your home or business’ facade glistening again, we can return your windows to their former glory. That’s our bread-and-butter.

Rain, traffic, wind, trees, birds and everyday life cause debris and dirt to build up on your windows, and when that comes into contact with any moisture, it can cause unsightly smears.

Not only can dirty windows make it difficult for you to see outside, but they also negatively impact the appearance of your home and make you feel less than perfect.

Nobody likes the home they have invested a great deal of time, passion and money into to look unpleasant due to something so easily rectified… just give us a call.

The Bespoke Solution:

Gone are the days of some rolled up newspaper and vinegar.

Even today, many people think of a bucket, a squeegee and a window cleaner balanced precariously on a 10 foot ladder.

With the wonders of progression, along come systems which provide a far superior finish, whilst also being safer!

Windows, frames and sills cleaned to the highest standards, with our Bespoke Guarantee. Any issues rectified within 48 hours.

We use a water-fed pole system, which has been specifically designed to clean your windows with pure water, having been filtered multiple times on-board our vans.

 Dirt sticks to the filtered water, leaving a spotless finish, with no additional chemicals.

Specially designed brush heads are gentle on glass and won’t cause any damage. We even carry specialist soft flock brush heads for leaded windows, so there’s no need to worry about fragile windows and frames.

This method of cleaning with purified water means that they will stay cleaner for longer. There is no residue from any cleaning products or detergents, and nothing in the water to leave a mark.

We are able to offer the following standard service intervals: 

One-off; Regular 4 Weekly; Regular 6 Weekly; Regular 8 Weekly

Bespoke intervals can be accommodated as agreed at consultation.

The more regularly we attend, the lower your quote!


Each home and client is unique, so we found that fixed pricing systems wouldn’t always work for you.

To ensure you get the right service at the right price, we like to visit your property (free of charge) and go through your needs before providing you with your Bespoke quote.

We can also provide a quote over the telephone, or via email. It helps if you provide a full explanation of your requirements, and photographs of the area(s) you need cleaned. These will be handled securely in line with our privacy policy.

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