Roof Cleaning

If you’ve ever looked at your roof and thought ‘I don’t remember having a rooftop garden’, you are not alone. It is amazing how much can grow on a roof, with moss building up and grass seeds taking hold in the gaps between tiles.

This is unsightly, and can really bring down the aesthetic appeal of your home. Nature is a wonderful thing, but in this case, it should be confined to your garden.

Moss growth on a roof can severely damage its structural integrity, as it latches on to water and can cause parts of your roof to rot. This leads to extensive and expensive repairs.

Don’t tend to look at your roof?

That’s not unusual, but why not go and take a quick look, to see if yours would benefit from a professional clean!

But surely someone walking on my roof to clean it could damage it?

If you think this: you would be right. Traditional roof cleaning requires ladders, and may entail someone climbing on to your roof. This could result in damage, especially if there is any weakness in the roof due to existing structural damage, or the age of the property.

At Bespoke, we approach this differently. We use a specialised ‘roof scraper’, and gentle moss/algae clearing solutions, to achieve the same result, with less risk to both us, and your precious home.  This is all done from the ground, or scaffolding, for your peace of mind, and our safety.

Step 1: Inspection
Firstly, we will complete a general inspection of the roof, utilising our high-definition camera system (if required), to ensure there is no existing damage to the roof that needs to be repaired prior to cleaning. We will never put your home at risk, so if there is an issue identified, we will make you aware and discuss the process thereon.
Step 2: Roof Scraping
We use our specially designed and contoured roof scrapers, at the end of a telescopic pole, to manually remove all of the moss from your roof. This means that we can work from the safety of the ground (or a slightly raised platform). This is safer for us, and your home.
Step 3: Solution Application
This step is optional, but will leave your roof clear of debris for longer, preventing any regrowth for up to six months. The solution we apply does not cause any damage to the roof, or any fixings or fixtures on your home. We do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals, so there is no risk of harm to anything but moss and algae. It will continue to work, safely, only improving the appearance of your roof over time.
Step 4: Tidying
We will ensure to tidy up after ourselves, ensuring any moss that has entered your gutters or fallen on to the floor is cleared away. This stuff makes absolutely fantastic mulch for your garden, so we are happy to distribute it for you in the garden, else it can be put into garden waste, or we can take it away with us for next years compost.

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