Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Your patio or driveway are subjected to the harshest of elements, be it rain, snow, leaves, dirt and grime, tyres, or even regular footfall. These all encourage wear, algae and moss growth. Not only is this unsightly, it is frequently unsafe, with an unclean driveway becoming slippery.

Extending the life of your patio and driveway increases kerb appeal and gives you the reassurance that you are looking after the investment in your property.

Kerb appeal (noun)

The qualities of a building that make it attractive. for example to a buyer, when it is seen from the street

First impressions really are important – so make sure your house has kerb appeal

(Cambridge Dictionary)


Patio Cleaning

When you first had your patio installed, it looked incredible. A new lease of life for your outdoor space. Over time, though, it’s become grey, brown and green in spots. Does this sound familiar?

Not only is this unsightly, especially if entertaining guests… it could be dangerous

We can bring your patio back to life and prevent slippery algae from returning. With a combination of professional pressure washing techniques and application of specialist solutions (if required) you can once again have a patio to be proud of.


Picture of dirty patio on left, picture of clean patio on right, in Bicester.

Block Paving Driveway Cleaning

Weeds, algae and droppings cause white and black spot which looks unsightly, but removing the weeds is an arduous task to say the least and can take hours and hours, not to mention the back breaking affect. 

We can pre-treat weeds and, provide an outstanding restoration to your block paving using our state-of-the-art spinning pressure cleaning system, set to the right pressure to ensure a perfect finish. When the clean is complete we can re-sand and reseal your driveway to have it looking like new again, prolonging its life.

That all important ‘kerb appeal’ and the results speak for themselves

Image of large, grey, dirty block-paving driveway. Image below of same driveway, now bright red .
Block paving in Bicester, with dirt collected in one area.
Image of dirty, grey/black driveway on left. Image of same driveway, now colourful, on right, after cleaning by Bespoke Services Company Bicester.

Tarmac Restoration & Cleaning

Restore your tarmac driveway to its original rich black. 

We provide a thorough clean to remove algae and other grime, before infilling any missing patches of tarmac, and applying a restoration compound. This will give your tarmac driveway a new lease-of-life, providing long term protection and a ‘like-new’ look.

Image of driveway, cross section in middle. Left hand side clean, right hand side very dirty.

Garden and Boundary Walls

It is not just your patio and driveway that gather dirt, weeds, droppings, algae and guano: your brick garden and boundary walls do too. Removing damaging build up increases the life of your walls and provides a fantastic finish. Of course, they require a gentler clean, and we adjust our methods to suit. 

Dirty, grey wall with picture below of the same wall, now bright red.

What equipment do we use?

We use a range of equipment and techniques for our patio and driveway cleaning.

First and foremost there is pressure washing. The most powerful pressure washer for DIY domestic cleaning is 2700PSI (that’s Pounds per Square Inch). That corresponds to the amount of cleaning power. Your average home electric pressure washer maxes out at around 1800PSI.

We use a petrol-fuelled model reaching up to 4000PSI, and we absolutely love its cleaning efficiency. Combining that with our ‘turbo nozzle’ which turns a jet of water into a powerful cyclone, we can get any filthy surface looking like new. Pressure washing is a fine art, too little water pressure, and you don’t get the great results. Too much, and you can damage the surface being cleaned. This is why it is best to leave this process to professionals – deep cleaning, done safely.

We also have access to pressure washing cleaning discs. These are specialist tools that we use to clean larger areas, more gently, further ensuring that surfaces are protected from damage.

Patio or pathway seen better days?

We did that!

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Then there is soft washing. This is the process whereby we, either before or after the physical clean, apply a cleaning solution (or variety of them) to the surface. This is given time to settle in and remove things like algae and lichen, which can grow on these flat surfaces and bond with them like glue. The cleaning solutions used break down these microorganisms, some immediately, others over the course of weeks, to give a gradual, safe and environmentally friendly polish to the surface. Soft washing can be done as the sole method of cleaning, on fragile surfaces, or used as part of a package with pressure washing, to leave a pristine clean, and protect against further growth. Usually, we will apply this to any surfaces with algae/lichen build up that no amount of pressure washing can remove, and over the course of a few weeks, you will see these unsightly spots wash away in the rain.

Pressure Washing in Bicester by Bespoke Services Company

Above: our pressure washing system with ‘turbo nozzle’ blasting through years of neglect towards this patio.

How do I prepare for a patio/driveway clean?

We will discuss this with you during your consultation, but as a general rule, we ask that for ease, and more importantly, protection of your belongings, all items in the area to be cleaned are moved by the arrival time we agree with you. The last thing any of us want, when having a fantastic service like driveway cleaning performed, would be for mud and sand to flick all over our freshly valeted car.

If you require assistance with large items that require moving, we are happy to help where possible, but as we primarily operate singlehandedly, we cannot lift heavy items individually. If you have specific needs, such as a disability, or something else that could hinder your ability to move items from the area prior to the scheduled clean, we can arrange a time in which a two-man team can attend the property so that these items can be moved and the service provided. This, again, can be discussed at consultation. We aim to provide the best possible service, and this includes making certain exceptions for individual cases.

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