Gutter Cleaning in Bicester

The majority of leaking and overflowing gutters are caused by a build up of debris. Your gutter’s primary purpose is to redirect rain water to drains (or your water butt). Clogged gutters can lead to a whole host of issues for your home, because rain water that should be flowing away from your property becomes obstructed. 

This could result in costly damage to your property, including rotting of fascia boards. If this occurs, it could lead to the internal buildup of mould and damp, wreaking havoc on your walls, ceilings, windows and woodwork. Your homes very structure could be put at risk.

Keeping an eye on your roof gutters, and ensuring that they are regularly cleaned, is key to preventing initial damage, and stopping any further progression.*

*we are able to clear your gutters and help to restore proper water flow, but do not undertake repairs of gutters or existing damage to your property. We can, however, inform you of any issues we find that we believe you should have resolved by other professionals.
Gutter Vaccuming by Bespoke Services Company in Bicester, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Aylesbury.
Gutter Vaccuming by Bespoke Services Company in Bicester, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Aylesbury.
Stage 1: Gutter/Roof Inspection
We use a high-reach, high-definition camera system to inspect your gutters, ensuring that the right areas are cleaned, so that we provide a perfect finish. We only charge for lengths of gutter that actually require clearing; with Bespoke, you'll never pay for work we haven't undertaken. We are happy to show you before and after videos of your own gutter clean to ensure that you are satisfied. We will also take a look at your roof and check for a build up of debris, especially moss. If this is present, we may recommend adding a roof scraping/cleaning treatment, to prevent further gutter blockages. See our 'Roof Cleaning' page for more information. We will also have a look for any existing damage to your gutters or surrounding areas, that you are unlikely to be able to see yourself. We will inform you of anything that we believe should be further investigated.
Stage 2: Gutter Clearing
Clogged gutters can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage. It isn't just 'a bit of moss'. When wet, this moss is likely to stick, blocking the gutter entirely, potentially causing sections to overflow. A small amount of debris in your gutter can cause drastic changes to the flow of water. In hot weather, as this moss dries out, it can begin to flake, and become dislodged. When this happens, it can be carried further down the gutter, and into your down-pipes. This is far more complicated to rectify, and can cause your whole gutter system to overflow. Ensuring the free flow of water through your gutters is essential to reduce the risk of damage to your property. We use a high-power vacuum, and specialist attachments, to extract all of the filth, and immediately restore flow. This will prevent expensive damage, and you can breath easy knowing something so regularly overlooked, has been taken care of.
Stage 3: Gutter Cleaning
Other gutter cleaning services will resolve the issue of debris in the gutter - which you may have never noticed - but neglect to smarten up the bits you can actually see. All Bespoke gutter cleans include a flush through of your gutter and an external scrub down* to ensure they look as good as they now function.
Stage 4 (optional): Fascia & Soffit Cleaning
Clean soffits and fascias have a remarkable impact upon kerb-appeal. It not only gives your home a revived appearance, but this regularly neglected maintenance reduces the risk of physical and aesthetic damage and deterioration. Regular cleaning reduces the likelihood of long-term staining, which can occur over time due to environmental factors.
Stage 5 (optional): Prevention
At Bespoke, we are keen to emphasise the importance of prevention when it comes to blocked gutters. The level of damage we have seen due to neglected gutters is astonishing, and so anything we can do to help protect your home for the future, is our pleasure. We offer 'gutter brush' installation with all gutter cleans. Also referred to as a 'gutter hedgehog' (see the picture below to see why), this static device remains in your gutter, blocking debris, but allowing the free flow of water to continue. This means no more extensive gutter clearings - minimal maintenance is required from thereon.

Please note:

Bespoke’s high-reach, safe and effective gutter cleaning system relies on access to electricity. That means that if you have an outside electricity socket, we are unimpeded in our efforts to complete your clean. Else, we may require access to your property, in order to plug-in, and complete the clean.

If you want a gutter clean whilst you’re away, at work, or would simply prefer we not use your electricity, we are able to use our own petrol generator, giving us the option to complete your clean if access to electricity is limited. We will charge a nominal £10 fee for any cleans that require us to use a generator.

How much will gutter maintenance cost me?

At Bespoke we don’t work on ‘fixed pricing’. This is because fixed prices cover the business in the worst-case scenario.

With gutter maintenance, this means you’d likely be paying as if every single meter of gutter to be cleared. The average UK semi-detached home has upwards of 20 metres of guttering. If only 3-4 meters of your gutter are actually obstructed, but you’re being charged a standardised price, you’re paying for work that isn’t being done, and that isn’t fair.

We will always inspect your gutters prior to completing the work, and then quote you based on the maintenance we are actually going to complete. We will never try to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to our pricing.

If you are unable to provide access to electricity at your home, for use in completing the clean, we are happy to provide our own power at a nominal fee of £10. This covers the maintenance and fuel required for our petrol generator.

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