Frequently Asked Questions

We invest in specialist professional tools and materials which have been specially designed to provide that perfect streak-free finish for your windows, and that ‘I had forgotten how good it could look’ finish for your patio, driveway and gutters. 

Most homeowners are unlikely to have these products, or the skills to use them, meaning that utilising a professional external cleaning specialist is usually the most cost-effective solution. We can take the stress out of the work for you – you’ll just come home from work and see the difference

Not at all. We aim to be your go-to external cleaning specialist, providing a 5 star gold-standard service. We can take care of many of your external cleaning requirements, working to the same standards we ourselves would expect.

When cleaning windows, we thoroughly clean the frames and sills and even give your front door a good clean “on the house” (unless you request otherwise).  It is important to us that you receive our best possible service.

We currently offer the following Bespoke services, available individually or as a package of your choosing:

  • Window Cleaning.
  • Gutter Clearing and Cleaning.
  • Patio and Pathways Cleaning.
  • Driveway Cleaning , including block paving and tarmac.
  • Conservatory external cleans, including roofs and fascias.

We are an external cleaning specialist and endeavour to ensure we always offer the highest standard of service to you, each and every time. This does mean that we only clean your external surfaces*. This keeps us Covid-Safe by nature – we do not need access to your home, so we don’t expect you to work around our schedule, and stay at home to let us in. This also helps us offer a more reliable service – access should rarely be an issue.

There may come a time in the future that we decide to offer internal window cleaning, at a revised cost. This will be communicated to all existing customers, so that they can register their interest. At the moment, we’re proud to be external cleaning specialists.

This varies greatly, which is why we don’t stipulate prices on our website. Each home and each person is different, so we find that fixed pricing systems often aren’t good value. 

To ensure you get the right service and the right price, we like to visit the property and go through your needs before providing you with your Bespoke quote.

After a quick consultation we can provide you with a quote that meets your needs: we will discuss what you want to be carried out, and the cleaning frequency that suits you. A quick look around your home from the outside will allow us to assess the homes needs and discuss these with you honestly. We can then discuss our quote with you, and sum up everything it includes: this is your Bespoke service.

This is also a great opportunity to see our state of the art filtration system and our external cleaning equipment. We’re passionate about our gear!

We will contact you the day before we are due so that you are aware and can arrange for access to the property: that way you don’t need to be sitting around waiting for us.

We will let you know whether we will be completing your clean in the morning or afternoon.  Please remember to make sure we can access the rear and sides of your property.

Once complete we will pop a slip through your door to let you know that your windows have been cleaned. 

If we are cleaning your patio or driveway access to an outside tap is ideal, but we can discuss this with you ahead of us arriving.

Yes, the purified water system that we use allows us to carry out window cleaning in all types of weather conditions. In most cases rain has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the clean.

Of course, British weather can be unpredictable, so if you’re due a visit and the weather makes it unsafe for us to operate, or may hamper the finished result of our work, we will be in touch to rearrange a more suitable time, most likely the next working day.

There may be occasions when inclement weather affects our ability to carry out our services for extended periods – if you have requested multiple services, we will endeavour to carry out any that we can safely, and return to complete others at another time.

As always, your satisfaction with our service is guaranteed: if you aren’t happy, we will endeavour to fix any issues within 48 working hours.

Well for a start, ladders cause “Wobbly Leg Syndrome”.

But more importantly, we use state of the art equipment which allows us to clean your windows and gutters from the safety of the ground. This keeps us safe, and ensures your privacy – gone are the days of waking up to a window cleaner peering through your window.

If you have windows in high and hard-to-reach places, cleaning them yourself can prove dangerous. Precariously balancing on a ladder to reach those problematic windows is not something that the inexperienced should attempt. Leave external window cleaning to the professionals, who have the skills and specialist equipment to do the job safely.

Not at all. It is important to ensure the correct pressure and the correct equipment is used.

We have specialist external cleaning systems which create a rotational cleaning action at the correct pressure, coupled with professional practices which ensure your patio and driveway are cleaned to the highest standard. 

Depending on the condition of your patio or driveway we may recommend the use of a non-toxic, child/pet safe cleaning solution. This will be washed away during the thorough cleaning process.

We’ve made paying for our services incredibly simple.

You can pay us by the following methods:

  • directly from your online invoice, by debit/credit card;
  • by bank transfer;
  • in person by chip and pin/contactless card;
  • in person by Apple/Google/Samsung pay;
  • by direct debit (for recurring services);
  • by clicking the ‘pay by square’ button on the ‘pricing and payments’ page.

At Bespoke, we prefer to deal in plastic, rather than paper. We discourage payment by cash, but if you have no other option for payment, we are happy to make an exception.

It is essential to us that both ourselves and our customers are safe and well at all times.

We will always carry appropriate PPE with us and abide by social distancing guidance when appropriate.

We are always Covid-19 compliant!

With this ever-changing world, please bear with us if new guidance is provided that makes it unclear whether we can operate safely and legally. We will always strive to operate in line with government guidance.

If any guidance affects us, and by extension, you, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

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