Community Care

Free community maintenance: Playgrounds Overgrown Verges Village Gates Road Signs Bus Shelters Public Sports Areas

That's Bespoke.

Do you know of any neglected public areas in your community?

Those places that make you think ‘that could do with a clean’…

Councils are stretched, and under more pressure than ever – sometimes they need a little bit of help from local businesses like ours, to keep on top of regular maintenance.

Without this maintenance, verges can become overgrown, playgrounds can become filthy, and road signs can become obstructed.

We at Bespoke want to give a little back to the communities we love. You support our small, independent business each and every day, so we do our bit to keep our local community safe, clean and beautiful!

Send a Suggestion

As you can imagine, we see areas that can be improved with a little bit of love each and every day – but as a small business, we have to prioritise areas that are becoming unsafe, and that the local authority haven’t been able to address for a while. We need your help to find neglected areas, to help us on our mission. Please use the form below to suggest areas in your local community that you think could do with a bit of Bespoke Care. Please share as much information as possible, to help us find the location, and understand the problems experienced.

All details provided are treated in line with our privacy policy. We may, with your permission, use the contact details you provide in order to contact you about your suggestion only. We will not contact you in interests of the business, or to try and sell you anything – this form is purely for our community projects. If you have any interest in services for your own home or business, please contact us.

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